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Launched November 2020 Cassandra La Flor is a lifestyle brand that embraces simplicity, celebrates faith and delights in style and beauty.
Founder Cassandra Tejada pictured above is a creative at heart with a love for designing beautiful and intentional things. She was born to a Dominican father and a Peruvian &  Colombian mother. Born & raised in New York. She accepted Islam at 18 yrs old.
She had originally set out to design modest and sustainable clothing but due to covid-19 she had to put that on pause. She decided to launch her brand with something more accessible and so The Sabr Charm was born.

Our story from our Latina & Muslim Founder:

I am Cassandra Tejada, I reverted to Islam 2013. I am Dominican, Peruvian, Colombian. In 2015 I learned about Rana Plaza, the garment building that collapsed on itself due to negligence. It was manufacturing for some big name fast fashion brands.  Over 1,000 Bangladeshi's, mostly women, majority muslim, were killed due to the greed of fast fashion companies.

From that moment on I decided I could no longer support fast fashion brands. 

As I began to explore modesty & sustainability at the same time in my life, I found a huge lack in sustainable fashion for modest dressers.

It was this lack and my love for justice, nature & modest fashion that led me to want to fill this gap

Since working in fashion as a solo entrepreneur I have been highly dependent on being productive and so I've also created the Dua Daily Planner to assist motivated women like myself that want to prioritize there faith and achieve good worldly things like maintaning your health, or running a business. 

I hope to continue creating sustainable, timeless, beautiful clothes and islamic personal development tools to help muslim women be the best version of themselves. I hope all that I create is beneficial and good!

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