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We lead with love for people & planet

Sustainability is an important pillar of the CLF ethos. With our humble size team we do our very best to make sustainable decisions like, choosing natural fabrics, using plastic free packaging, & manufacturing locally with Panah Project. We recognize that we are far from perfect but we hope to improve and continue to take steps in the right direction. We want to share our journey with you all. 


We are saying no more to disposable fashion. the kind of clothing you wear 2-3 times and it's already falling apart. We want you to wear and rewear your CLF pieces for years to come. That's why we give extra attention to the quality of our fabrics & sewing techniques! * lasting design elements that give our pieces longevity,

Natural and Eco friendly fabric

Everything seems to be made of polyester. No only is polyester toxic but it's super uncomfortable and lacks breathability. Focusing on eco fabrics has been two fold. It is comfortable and it is biodegradable. polyesters can take up to 500+ years to decompose. Natural fabrics on the other hand can take 1 week to 5 months at the most to completely decompose.

Manufacturing local

We work with local seamstresses to help out the local economy. Nothing feels better then know we are helping provide ethical employment for some talented people. We are contracted to pay a living wage per hour which is about 21-30$ an hour locally.

Zero plastic packaging

According to  we can only be recycle plastic about 2-3 times before its quality decreases to the point where it can no longer be used. SO even if you recycle we are still left with a-lot of trash and potential micro plastics in our water ways and food sources. This is why we use plastic free packaging.

Instead of polymailers which clothes are traditionally packaged in to protect from water damage. We use a glassine bag which is make from paper. It is water resistant to keep your shipments dry and safe inshALLAH.

No waste left behind

Scrap fabric, it's a big issue in fashion. so much creativity has come from the low waste movement in fashion and we are currently working on a way to use our scraps to create amazing pieces. We can't wait to share more on that in the near future. 



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